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Websense offer a comprehensive suite of services from web design and redesign services, to SEO, no risk lead generation, Google advertising and hosting .

How we can help you

Lead generation

We offer a pay per inquiry option where you only pay for real time request for quotes by pre defined customer criteria. This is real no risk lead generation.

Domain names

The correct domain name can have an enormous impact on your ROI but most top notch domains are already registered. Talk to us regarding a domain acquisition.

Google advertising

An effective Google ads campaign (SEM) has the ability to deliver sales and inquiries that will help you meet your companies growth and sales targets within budget.

Hosting & email

Websense hosting clients range from local small businesses to multi nationals with hundreds of staff members. We have a hosting solution for you.

SEO and copywriting

Content marketing is the gift that keeps on giving. Talk to us about creating content that delivers highly targeted visitors on an ongoing basis.

Website design

An appealing website that generates inquiries using solid backend technology is essential and it costs a lot less than you think.

Lead Generation

You only pay for results

Driving fresh inquiries to your sales team is our business. Let us help you grow your business with unsolicited requests for quotes. We offer a no risk cost per lead option or a managed ad campaign option.

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Ready to deliver lead generation opportunities

What is a lead?

We are aften approached by people who consider a name with a telephone number or email address in a certain demographic as a lead.

What makes Websense lead generation different?  When we deliver a lead, it is a person requesting a quote for your particular products and services. The customer has turned to the internet looking for a product or service and has either typed in one of our domain names or done a search on Google/Bing for the product/service and found one of our websites.

Transport, construction & lifting lead generation

We are actively generating inquiries for rigging, crane hire, transport services, Telehandlers and Tower cranes.

Grow your business with our lead generation opportunities or Secure and grow your position in your industry by buying a website that delivers incredible ROI.


Cranehire.co.za is a very well established crane hire and rigging website delivering requests for quotes country wide. This website is supported by a large number of complimentary domain names like cranetruck.co.za, craneforhire.co.za and many others. Currently under contract in Gauteng, the rest of SA available.


Forklift and material handling enquiries direct to you.


Currently under contract in Johannesburg. Available regions are Outside Gauteng.


TLB rental opportunities. Currently under contract in Gauteng, the rest of SA available.


Mobilecrane.co.za is designed for the rental and sale of both used and new mobile cranes. Take advantage of the lead generation opportunities or purchase this premium domain name to transform your business.


Become part of a growing base of Truck rental companies and Transport businesses that are taking advantage of the inquiries for truck rental and transport. Anything from hiring a bakkie to transporting an 80 ton piece of machinary.


TowerCrane.co.za is a very well established tower crane website delivering inquiries for tower crane rental companies as well as tower crane sale inquiries.


We have a constant flow of inquiries for both telehandler rental and buyers of telehandlers. Take advantage of these country wide opportunities.


Lowbeds.co.za is a tremendously active website delivering inquires for both local and cross border heavy equipment transport.


If the rental or sale of earth moving equipment is your business, be it construction equipment or mining equipment, we have a source of inquiries ready and waiting for you.


Scaffoldinghire.co.za is a well established scaffolding and formwork hire website that delivers inquirties for both small and large projects. There are fantastic opportunities to develop a BBBEE business within your larger organisation servicing smaller construction company requirements.


Do you need inquiries from people wishing to fit towbars and bicycle carriers to their cars/trucks or bakkies. Receive leads specific to your City or Province.


This is a well established website dedicated to sale of truck mounted cranes and ancilliary products and services. If you are seeking inquiries from people who wish toi purchase a truck mounted crane, we will supply your with inquiries.

Education and training lead generation

Competition for leads in the education and training space has grown tremendously. Let us take care of your targeted lead generation needs with our active education and training websites.


If you are an online logistics and supply chain management provider or a traditional learning provider, we will deliver interested students on a daily basis at an excellent cost/inquiry.


Short courses and experiential learning is a rapidly growing sector and at Shortcourses.co.za we are poised to deliver a large volume of inquiries. With that growth comes increased competition. Get new inquiries every day for your short courses. These apply to both online and traditional learning providers.


Crime scene investigation is a fairly new career choice that is getting a lot of interest from both young and older students to help grow their career prospects in Policing or private security.

You only pay for results

Grow your business with our cost per lead program. You decide how many leads you want and we deliver.

Our portfolio of undeveloped education and training domain names is extensive and covers most professions, including newer professions like econologists. We have supplied leads to some of SA’s leading online education providers and continue to deliver leads on a daily basis.

Financial services lead generation

Some of our oldest websites and domain names are financial service related offering incredible opportunities to forward thinking financial planners and advisers to talk to people needing financial planning advice.


Taxfree.co.za is an incredible opportunity for those financial advisers who are prepared to “kiss a few frogs” to catch the whale. There is not much commission in setting up a tax free investment/savings account but these are people looking to save and invest for their future. Think about it! These are the people you are looking for and as soon as you are able to sit down with them, you will get to do a needs analysis. Makes send doesn’t it?


This domain name and website offer tremendous opportunities. Websense are seeking a content partner or JV partner to grow this domain name and website into the profitable entity and leading financial advice advise platform it can become.


HIVcover.co.za is a lead generation website targeted specifically at HIV positive people who are seeking to get life insurance quotes.


This is what so many aspire to. Retireing at fifty years old requires a plan and if you are that person to provide the plan, you need this website. Buy it and change your business. >>

You only pay for results

Grow your business with our cost per lead program. You decide how many leads you want and we deliver.


Websense have an extensive portfolio of over 1200 websites and domain names to suit most businesses in South Africa. We tend to select tight niches and use our domain name portfolio and extensive web puiblishing experience to dominate in industries we operate.

Websense operate in most industries and niches and would welcome the opportunity to provide your business with fresh inquiries every day.