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Website Designers

Beautiful, functional websites & eCommerce Solutions.

Website Designers South Africa

We are passionate about the Internet and it’s ability to transform businesses. Let us help you develop an online presence that is beautiful and delivers new business. At Websense, our website designers will assist from concept and domain name selection, to delivering an integrated finished product.

Responsive website designers

Growth in internet usage on mobile devices is growing at an incredible rate. In some cases more than 70% of ionternet traffic is on mobile devices and your website should be mobile device friendly. We design with three destinct sizes in mind, Desktop/Laptop, Tablet and mobile phone screen sizes.

If your website does not meet the standards required for mobile users set by Google or Bing, your website will not be properly indexed and finding your business online will become extremely difficult for prospective customers.

Our website designers have at least 8 years of design experience, with some website designers having been in the business for more that 15 years.

WordPress CMS & eCommerce website designers

One in every three websites published today uses WordPress as the CMS. The flexibility, ease of use make WordPress our preferred CMS.  The combination of WordPress and Woocommerce offers a robust, scaleable eCommerce solution.


The above responsive website design examples will give you an idea of our work. Get in touch with us to discuss your website design needs. We love to talk about the possibilities available to businesses online and welcome the opportunity to learn about your business.

Updating your website once it has been published

In many cases our customers elect to receive website management and updating training, which takes about 2 hours. Once your staff member has completed the training, they will be able to make content and image updates without the need to contract us for minor changes.

We are a versatile team of website deigners with competancies in all aspects of web design and lead generation.

Search Engine Optimization & Copywriting

Every aspect of planning and building a website needs careful consideration.

1. Domain name portfolio and extension selections – Do you use .co.za, .com, .africa etc and which domain name do you make your BRAND.

If your business has a made up company name like Zooty Clothing and you sell T-shirts and slops for beach goers in South Africa, then your main website could be on Zooty.co.za or Zootyclothing.com and your domain name portfolio should include zootyclothing.co.za, slops.co.za, T-shirts.co.za as a minimum. You should then consider zootyslops.co.za and .com, zootytshirts.co.za and .com etc.

2. The next thing to consider is the publishing platform, eCommerce solution (if required).

3. The the next critical aspect is the keywords and key phrases you wish to target. The Message you want to get across to your customers and the content for this needs to be written and optimized for the search engines.

If for example you want to target “promotional  slip slops” Then content needs to be written in such a way that the search engine spiders know exactly what the page is about. There are very specific SEO techniques used to achieve this and at Websense, we are very good at this.

Copywriting is an essential part of website design and worth every cent that you will pay for it.

“A well written and optimized page of content is like the gift that keeps on giving”

The most overlooked aspect by website designers and customers alike, is the value of well structured and optimized content. It has the ability to turn a website into a new business delivery system.

Graham Johnson

CEO, Websense Internet Solutions cc