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premium DOMAIN NAMEs

Your domain name is the representation of your brand online. Instant brand recognition, trust and credibility are crucial in an ever growing Internet Economy. 

Once a domain name is in use, it is effectively off the market forever

What is a premium domain name?

In an Internet economy, establishing trust and credibility are vital for online business success.

Owning meaningful words in your domain name , brand your business instantly and give your business the trust, recognition and credibility so essential to online business success today.

It is for these reasons that companies spend millions of Rands/Dollars aquiring premium domain names.

Establishing your brand with a premium domain name provides the instant recognition and trust that all businesses seek online.

For more insight into the Domain name market, see DNjournal.com

South Africa (co.za) Domain Sales

Why did these companies pay such large amounts for their domain names. Because they are short, easy to remember and explain exactlty what they are about and deliver high quality visitors.

By purchasing these domain names, these companies gain instant recognition, trust and credibility.

Property.co.za – $350 000

HomeLoans.co.za – $250 000

Insurance – $100 000

Jobs.co.za – R1million

Finance.co.za – $70 000

Fly.co.za – $65 000

Why spend so much to acquire a meaningful domain name

when you can use a made up word for your brand?

This is a question that we are often asked when speaking to a customer about spending Tens or hundreds of thousands of Rands/Dollars on a premium domain name and the answer is quite simple.

You will either need to spend a lot of money creating awareness of your new made up word to establish it as a brand, or you could spend the money upfront and have the natural brand equity of a premium generic domain name and association instantly.

A good example would be companies that use common names in different industries. Let us take “Dixon Crane Hire” as a fictional example. There may very well be “Dixon engineering” , “Dixon accounting” and others which is creating confusion around the name. So which domain names should be owned by Dixon Crane Hire.

1. Dixon.co.za

2. CraneHire.co.za

3. DCH.co.za

4. Dixoncranehire.co.za

But why do Dixon Crane Hire need 4 domain names?

First and foremost, to establish authority and dominance in the crane hire industry. Secondly to avoid confusion and potential lost traffic or emails being sent to the wrong companies. And thirdly to establish instant brand recognition and association.

The next consideration is the choice of Brand for your main domain name.

1. Dixon.co.za

This is likely what your existing customers will associate your company with and would serve you well as your corporate Brand and identity. If your company is known in the industry as “Dixons” then you should own Dixons.co.za as well. It fulfills all of the requirements for a great brand online. It is short enough (less than 8 characters), It is easy to remember and unlikely to be misspelled.

2. Cranehire.co.za

This is Dixon Crane Hires primary service area and industry defining domain name that would be used as a lead generation website to bring new inquiries to the business. Cranehire.co.za is a keyword rich domain name that creates new opportunities on a generic level. New business every day!

3. DCH.co.za

Shorter is better in the Internet economy but Dixon.co.za is short enough and unlikely to be misspelled, so DCH.co.za would simply be a defensive registration to avoid any confusion and could possibly be used in the event of the business expanding into other areas. Once the initial purchase of the domain name has been made, the ongoing costs are around R100/annum to renew the domain names, making defensive domain names in a portfolio an inexpensive way of dominating a niche.

4. Dixoncranehire.co.za

This domain name again is to avoid confusion but could also be used as a very important tool to bring in fresh inquiries.

The next phase of Industry/Niche domination

The next phase includes the accumulation of generic and meaningful domain names of products and services to point any type in traffic to your main domain name.

The domain names that should be acquired would include for example,






Register/acquire the products and services the company is involved in.

Annual renewal fees are between R100 and R250 after the initial purchase which is a small price to pay to stay ahead and prevent your competitors from acquiring domain names which could put them ahead of you in the search engine rankings.

This strategy achieves two things. Firstly it prevents anyone else from 


talk to a domain name expert about your business and future proof your brand.

Lead Generation by Websense using our premium domain name portfolio

The tremendous success of our lead generation business is directly attributed to the development of premium discriptive domain names. Each domain name gives us the instant authority and trust required for customers to request quotes through our websites.

We partner with businesses as diverse as Crane rental companies and Financial service providers, to transporters and online education institutions.  In each case an authoritative website is created on a premium domain name to deliver high quality inquiries which are forwarded to ourt partners in real time.