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premium DOMAIN NAMEs

Your domain name is the representation of your brand online. Instant brand recognition, trust and credibility are crucial in an ever growing Internet Economy. 

Premium Domain Names are powerful tools for growth.

They give your brand instant authority and are proven to convert more inquiries into paying customers. 

Premium Domain Names help you decrease your ad spend and build SEO.

What is a premium domain name?

In an Internet economy, establishing trust and credibility are vital for online business success.

Owning meaningful words in your domain name , brand your business instantly and give your business the trust, recognition and credibility so essential to online business success today.

It is for these reasons that companies spend millions of Rands/Dollars aquiring premium domain names.

Establishing your brand with a premium domain name provides the instant recognition and trust that all businesses seek online.

For more insight into the Domain name market and Domain Sales Activity, see DNjournal.com

South Africa (co.za) Domain Sales

Why did these companies pay such large amounts for their domain names. Because they are short, easy to remember and explain exactlty what they are about and deliver high quality visitors.

By purchasing these domain names, these companies gain instant recognition, trust and credibility.

Property.co.za – $350 000

HomeLoans.co.za – $250 000

Insurance – $100 000

Jobs.co.za – R1million

Finance.co.za – $70 000

Fly.co.za – $65 000

See the top prices paid for co.za domain names

Why should we spend we spend so much on a premium domain?

This is a question that we are often asked when speaking to a customer about spending Tens or hundreds of thousands of Rands/Dollars on a premium domain name.

It is essential to understand just how significant the impact of using the wrong domain name on a business can be, and why it is so important to allocate enough budget to the acquisition.

The main factors can be broken down as follows.

1. The domain name is an appreciating asset.

The value of premium domain names has shown significant growth over the last 3 decades and scarcity is one of the driving growth factors.

2. SEO (Search engine optimization) advantage.

Whether your brand is aligned with a generic word like granadilla or you are know by a shortened form of your business name like EOC, you do not want your brand alignment to confuse your customers.

You will either need to spend a lot of money creating awareness of your brand, or you could spend the money upfront and have the natural brand equity of a premium domain name and association instantly.

3. Provides a quantifiable return in perpetuity

From a simple ROI perspective, which is often where the justification to spend comes from, eliminating the cost of branding confusion is priceless.

Every year, millions of new internet users enter the market and this trend is only on the increase. Be sure that you have secured your name and place in the rapidly expanding digital economy.